IGD Expo is a gathering which specializes in placing a limelight on the crowning jewels of geekdom – Comic books, Gaming, and Fiction! It is our mission to draw attention to the new developers in the industry and bring them in direct contact with the public.
September 15-16 at the West Monroe Convention Center

What is the Expo About/Purpose?

IGD Expo doesn’t just have one purpose, but many. We want to support independent game developers by giving them a way to get their name out to the public. We want to provide a fun, family friendly atmosphere where the fans can come and have a great time playing games they have never played before and even being able to buy some of them! Finally we are also wanting to support local independent business by bringing local vendors and artists to the expo. 
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Will There Be Cosplay?

IGD Expo highly encourages you to show up in your favorite cosplay get-up and express your love for any and all fandoms. This is a family-friendly event, so be sure to check out the rules and guidelines beforehand.
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Tournaments, Special Events and Contest

All video game, card, and table top tournament and their rules, scheduling, cost and other information will be listed as tournaments are organized and approved. We are currenty working on an event schedule and contest. If you would like to host an event or contest please send us a message.
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Becoming A Vendor

If you’re an independent game developer, with merchandise to push or you are looking to gain more exposure, then look no further. IGD Expo is an excellent avenue for showcasing the product you want to a crowd that will appreciate and love what you have to offer. 
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IGDE T-Shirt Contest

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Special Events

Special Events will be added as more vendors begin to sign up.


September 15
10am - 8pm
September 16
11am - 6pm


West Monroe Convention Center
901 Ridge Ave,
West Monroe, LA
71291-5267, United States

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